Friday, July 31, 2015

So, For the more detailed approach.

So... Yeah. Im sorry about the first post to be made on this blog. I started the blog on my android which had 4% power at the time, so i had to make it brief. So, Getting with the program:

I have since learned to convert MSTS (MicroSoft Train Simulator) horns (which are in stereo and is a single file) to Railworks/Train Simulator 20xx Horns (which are Monosound, 3 part horn files). The standard plan for releasing horns would be to upload them to Railworks America although some might slip and i might use mediazip (Or whatever it is called) to upload directly to the blog itself.

I hope to write more but alas, im not even using my own computer. At the time of writing i am currently in British Columbia (I live in Washington State) helping move some of my grandmothers stuff.

So, I think the first horns that i will release are as listed:
A Nathan K5H From a youtube video,
And a Leslie RS3L from a MSTS Horn Pack.

NOTE: might not be released until Next week. I am going back to the house on Saturday so i wont have time to prime the files for release. + i have no clue if Bob (RWA Site admin responsible for uploading the files to the library) will upload on Saturday or Sunday.

Tschüss (Goodbye in German. Pronounced like "shoes" but with a CH sound in the front. Sounds like "Chuse")

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